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Your BMW’s cooling system is vital to maintaining proper engine temperature — it is also one of the most common failure points on modern BMWs. There are several parts of the cooling system that should be inspected regularly and replaced because of leaks or mileage. One such part is your water pump. Water pumps fail in two different ways; the plastic impellers slip on the metal shaft or the bearings fail. If the bearings fail the pulley usually breaks, the fan blades hit the radiator or shroud, the belt gets chewed to pieces and the car overheats. Radiators, expansion tanks, hoses and fan clutches all need attention at some point as well. Never drive your BMW if it is overheating! Pull over and have it towed immediately — driving even a short distance with your temperature gauge in the “red” can result in major engine damage. We recommend replacing BMW water pumps at 80,000 miles for most models – before it breaks and leaves your stranded.

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