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Got a Minor (or Major) Problem with your BMW or Mini Cooper?

Mini and bmw problems

Man is it hot!! The heat of summer takes its toll on our cars, much like it does on us. Almost every system in your Mini Cooper or BMW is working harder in this heat. We’re running the a/c full blast, temperatures climb while we are sitting in traffic, there is additional load on the electrical system and the engine is under more load. We see several failures during the summertime because of this; things like radiator fans, cooling system leaks or failures, a/c compressor failures, clutch failures etc. etc… It’s a good idea to get your car in for a check up during this time of year to try and prevent a more costly repair in the future. Sport Motoring is offering special pricing on cooling system inspections and service and A/C system services through July to help you keep your BMW or Mini Cooper in great shape. Here are a few tips for summertime driving to help you reach your destination.

  • Watch your temperature gauge – if you see the temperature on your car climbing in to the red PULL OVER! Modern BMW and Mini Cooper engines are very sensitive to heat and continuing to drive in an overheat situation can turn a relatively small repair into a VERY costly one.
  • 93 Octane – Your car wants it and you need to give it. Your BMW or Mini Cooper is tuned for and requires the use of 93 Octane fuel, and it is ESPECIALLY important during the summer that you fuel up with premium fuel. Running a lower grade of gasoline could result in lower fuel economy, oil consumption and even engine damage. Can you imagine how much a Valve Job or an Engine would cost for a BMW or Mini Cooper?
  • Have your coolant checked. We frequently see that cars have had the incorrect coolant added or they may have the improper mix of coolant or the coolant may be old and contaminated, Any of these can contribute to lower cooling system efficiency which may lead to an overheat.
  • Are you a bit hot under the collar? A/C systems will sometimes loose refrigerant over time and since most of us don’t run A/C in the winter we may not notice it until it is very hot outside. It is a good idea to get your A/C system checked and charged this time of year – you might be much more comfortable if you do.
  • Protect your A/C compressor and other components by running the A/C occasionally year round. When your A/C compressor sits dormant all winter your cooling system oil will settle and not circulate causing a dry start up the next time you try to use the A/C. Simply turning on the a/c a couple of times during the winter months could help extend the life of your BMW or Mini Cooper A/C compressor.
  • Change your oil! In this heat; old and tired synthetic oil will become sludge – blocking vital oil passages in your engine and leading to severe damage. Modern BMW and Mini’s will see an interval of approximately 15,000 miles between oil services but we feel like it is a really good idea to decrease this interval. Many intown drivers will not drive 15,000 miles over the course of a year and should do at least an annual oil service, it is a good idea to do this in the spring to be fresh for the hottest part of the year. For those of you that do drive 15,000 miles in a year we recommend doing your oil service at an interval of 7500 – 10,000 miles maximum to protect your engine.

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