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Old Man Winter is just around the corner, is your Mini Cooper or BMW ready for winter?

Prepare for Winter

Winter time is tough on your car so here are some tips to make sure your car is ready for whatever Old Man Winter might dish out.

Have your Antifreeze checked – Old or improperly mixed antifreeze can lead to icing conditions in your radiator or engine block during the winter. If you have not had a coolant flush in the past two years or you have been adding water to your cooling system (it happens) due to a slow leak, you might be especially at risk.

Have your charging system checked – Those cold weather starts are hard on your battery. So you start the car, turn the heater on high, hit the button for the defroster and maybe even turn on the lights; winter conditions can put quite a load on your charging system and battery. Make sure to get your charging system and battery tested to see if it is ready for the extra strain of winter conditions.

Check all of your lights – Visibility conditions can get tricky in the winter, make sure that all of your lights are working properly.

What is the condition of your tires? – Increased rain, snow, ice and mud are all winter conditions that can cause very slippery road conditions. It is important that you have good traction from your tires. Worn tires or improper inflation can lead to decreased traction and be potentially dangerous. Replace worn tires and check for proper inflation to be sure your tires are ready.

Wipers and washers – Wipers should be in good condition and washer reservoirs should be filled with a cleaning solution suitable for winter time. Consider treating your windows with rain-x or other treatment to help in repelling rain and ice.

Belts and hoses – Old and tired rubber will not stand up to the temperature extremes of winter. Have your belts and hoses checked before it gets too cold. Many breakdowns of different types are caused when a old or weakened part is subjected to extremes causing it to fail.

Cabin filter – Summer and Fall contaminants get trapped in the cabin filter of your climate control system, running the heater on high in cold weather can force these contaminants in to the car. Be sure that your cabin filter is up to the task by having it checked and changed if needed.

Exterior – Winter weather can be extremely rough on your cars exterior. Put a layer of protection between your cars paint and winter by applying a coat of wax in the fall.

Emergency preparedness – You never know when winter conditions may leave you stranded, sure its not much of a problem in Atlanta but if you have plans to travel over the winter holidays it is a good idea to be prepared. Some items you might consider keeping in your ca just in case include, a flashlight with fresh batteries, a blanket, food bars, water bottles, cell phone, jumper cables, flares, Fix-a-Flat, HELP Sign, and a first aid kit.

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