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Brought to you by Sport Motoring – Santa Rosa BeachHigh performance cars like your Corvette will always have unique service issues and maintenance procedures, even though it may spend the majority of its time driving on the street.With advances in technology that lead to better performing and higher quality Corvettes than each previous Generation, devices and programs like Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and Oil Life Monitors may make it seem like your Corvette could almost maintain itself. In all reality, there are still inspections and procedures that need to be performed on a regular basis that sometimes get neglected when taken to sub-par “quick-lube” or even at some dealerships where the car may not even see a Corvette Certified technician.Wear items like tires and brakes require careful inspection (not just peeking through the wheel) especially on higher end Z51, Z06 and ZR1 models with upgraded braking systems. Tires require replacement at 6-year intervals regardless of physical appearance or mileage according to the NTSB and various tire manufacturers.Even though your Corvette may have low (or extremely low) mileage, items like brake fluid, coolant, engine oil and rear differential fluid degrade over time with no respect to in-service mileage. All of these fluids retain moisture over time, decreasing performance and possibly causing damage to components. These items need even further attention if participating in a High Performance Driving Event, as most C5, C6 and C7 models factory-fill fluids are not approved for HPDE’s – even a brand new 2016 Z06/7 requires special setup procedures before a track event.A high quality inspection at every service visit for your Corvette (no matter how minor) requires building a relationship with a shop that has the correct (and up-to-date) tools and equipment including a thoughtful, thorough and most importantly – certified technician.Britt Budden, Shop Foreman at Sport Motoring in Santa Rosa Beach, FLASE Certified Master TechnicianGM Certified Master TechnicianCorvette, Z06, ZR1 Certified


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